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"This is Alba, where our Nutella was born!-LOL!
Here she moved her first steps
Went to school
Dated hot guys and so on....."


4 oz. Nutella
1 lb. dry cookies
2 eggs
4 oz. sugar
Half oz. candied fruit
5 oz. plain chocolate
2 oz. butter

Grind in pieces 4/fifths of the cookies, add 2 eggs,sugar,candies in small pieces,
and Nutella. Melt 1/third of the chocolate with the butter and chop in small
pieces the remaining chocolate; add all to the mixture.
Grind the remaining cookies in crumbs, and put them on a tinfoil. Make a roll
with the mixture, cover it with the minced cookies, wrap it in the tinfoil.
Put it in the freezer to solidify.

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