Good News about Animals for People who Care

In this corner of the Global Village I want to focus on positive stories about animals, about people and organizations helping specific animal causes, and what you can do to find out more or get involved. Since 1980, I have been a part of Harmony House for Cats [] as a staff member, shelter manager, volunteer, and board member. Currently I write and edit their newsletter, coordinate 2 major fundraisers, and handle correspondence for a monthly sponsor cat program. On a routine basis, I interact with cat and dog lovers most often, but through conferences and publications, I keep up on many other animal campaigns around the world.

Although some Animal Rights organizations publish newsletters and fundraising letters with upsetting photos of abuse, you will never see anything like that here. If I link you to a website for an interesting story or topic, I will warn you if there is graphic content elsewhere on that website. I don't consider myself an animal activist, just a person who cares for animals, people, and this planet we call home!

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