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This is one of the many simple yet delicious seafood dishes for which Sicilian
cuisine is famous. It can be served alone or as a sauce with long pasta such as
spaghetti. The success of this recipe depends on the freshness of the ingredients
(fresh squid rather than frozen ones, fresh tomatoes rather than canned ones).
It's healthy and easy to prepare.-Stella


1 kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) small to medium squid (there are various varieties
but "medium" means the body is no longer than about 20 centimeters or 8 inches)
1 kilogram of mature plum tomatoes
6-8 large anchovy fillets (in oil) finely chopped
one-half cup chopped parsley
one-half medium size white or yellow onion very finely chopped
one-half cup white table wine
extra virgin olive oil
ground red pepper
one large lemon.


Steam or boil the tomatoes for a minute to remove the skins ("blanching" them)
and then chop the tomatoes into medium sized chunks. Set aside. Clean the squid well,
removing the backbone. Remove and save the heads with the hard "jaw" removed but the
eyes and tentacles attached. Cut the squid bodies into ring segments about two
centimeters (or one-half inch) in width. Set aside. In a small pan, sauté the onions
in olive oil. Then add the anchovies (chopped), pepper and parsley. Allow these
to simmer for a minute or less, forming a paste. Add the wine and allow the mixture
to simmer for a minute or two until most of the alcohol has evaporated. Then add the
squid rings and heads (drained well so that you add as little additional water as
possible). Allow these to cook over a low to medium flame, stirring occasionally, for
a few minutes. Then add the chopped tomatoes. Salt to taste. Cook the complete mixture
over medium to low heat for five to ten minutes. When it reaches a boil, lower the heat
to a simmer, stirring occasionally. Serve with lemon. As we mentioned, the stewed squid
may be served over pasta.

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