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Please note that the imperial/avoirdupois measurements are British. I believe that
USA imperial measurements are slightly different. If necessary, make use of the time
zone etc converter link on the Forum.-Laura B.


7-8 medium sized apples
1 lb/450g demerara sugar
8 oz/225g black treacle (USA and Canada - molasses)
3 oz/75g butter
A quarter of a pint of water
7-8 smooth sticks


5 pint size heavy saucepan
Wooden spoon
Sugar thermometer (not completely necessary, donít worry if you donít have one)
Wooden board


1. Make sure you take the stalks out of the apples. Wash and dry the apples and pierce
them at the bottom with the sticks.

2. Place the sugar, chopped-up butter, treacle and water in the saucepan.

3. Heat this mixture very gently until all the sugar has completely dissolved. If you
have one, put the sugar thermometer in now.

4. Bring the mixture to the boil quickly, be extremely careful, and stand well back
from the pan. The boiling toffee has the potential to cause burns. If you are
letting your kids make this recipe themselves, help them with this part.

5. Boil for about 5 minutes until the thermometer reads 290 degrees F/143 degrees C.

6. If you donít have a sugar thermometer, test the toffee by dropping a little into a
cup of cold water. If the toffee separates into threads which are hard but not brittle,
then itís ready. If you are letting your kids make this recipe themselves,
take the pan off the heat for them.

7. Holding by the stick quickly dip each apple into the toffee, coating it evenly
all over. Stand the apples on greaseproof paper to cool.

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