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I'm sending a very typical autumn recipe from my region. It's a very particular one,
so I wasn't sure if it's a good idea to send it. Today people are used to plain tastes.
But if someone has the guts to try it, believe me, it's fantastic!!!!


For 6 persons:
5 garlic heads
3 1/2 gill (4 dl) olive oil
10 oz (250g) salted anchovies
4 gill (5 dl) milk

Peel the garlic and take its green part away. Put it in a small pot with the milk
and let it cook for around half an hour, on a medium fire. Then take the milk away,
put the garlic in an earthenware pot (or in a normal pot if you don't have) and
crush it; add the previously wasged and peeled anchovies and the olive oil.
Let all cook on a slow fire for 20/30 min. until the anchovies are melted.

Serve very hot. Put a warmer on the table if you have one. Dip into it different
kind of vegetables, both raw and cooked. For example, raw peppers, cardoons,
cabbage, celery; cooked onions, pepper, beets, cauliflower, potatoes.

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