I’m going to be providing home, craft and garden articles.  I’ve been a crafty person for most of my life.  I can count crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, making jewellery, glass/plastic painting and scrap-booking/punch art amongst my skills.  I thought I’d start off by showing some of the items I have made, and give a few interesting links. 

The key-rings were made using cross stitch on a counted hole fabric mainly known as ‘aida’, and then inserted into acrylic holders.   

The beads and ends on the necklaces are threaded onto tiger tail (a plastic covered wire for jewellery making) and held in place using small circles of soft metal called crimps, squashed flat using pliers.  These styles of necklace are known as ‘floaters’, because the placement of the crimps gives the impression that the beads are floating on the wire.  

The ‘stained glass’ heart coaster was made by first drawing lines onto an acrylic coaster using an craft supply called outliner.  This particular one is meant to give the impression of lead, but black, gold and silver are also available.  Once the outliner had dried, the spaces were painted with special glass/plastic paint. 

The card with the ribbons was made by weaving some short lengths of ribbon together, and then sticking this woven piece into a 3 fold card with an opening in one of the sections.  One of the sections is folded and stuck back, so the ribbon section is ‘trapped’ inside. 

The picture which resembles a sunflower head was made using a spiral drawing toy, and a white gel ink pen. 

The leaves were punched out using special leaf-shaped punches.  I found the patterned paper at a site called ‘Scrapbook Scrapbook.’  The link is at the end of this article. 

The house was also made using a punch.  The circle of words was made by utilizing the ‘Word Art’ feature in ‘Microsoft Word’.  These items were stuck together and inserted into an acrylic coaster. 

Well, I hope I have given you some ideas.  Go and check out your art and craft supply shops. 

Some crafty links

 Free patterned paper:

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