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Welcome to The GV Community Forum! Although the Unofficial GV Site is no more, we still have a vibrant, informative Forum for you to enjoy. Below you will find information about this Forum and some basic guidelines about posting here. Please take a few minutes to read through this information. Thank you!

One of the great things about our international forum community is the sharing of information and resources (articles, photos, links, etc.) regarding our favorite actor and favorite show. The members of our Forum are among the best when it comes to sharing Goran-related tidbits, and we are all grateful! However, in order to keep this spirit of generosity alive and prevent such goodwill from being taken advantage of, we ask that each Forum member use thought and discretion in requesting favors from other members. Keep your requests simple and infrequent, and if at all possible try to manage tasks yourself before asking others to undertake the chore. For example: if you live in the US, don't request articles from TV Guide--get them on-line or at your local store--and then, if possible, post the information for our foreign friends who don't have such easy access to the information.

Note: translations are one area where we do not expect or encourage you to attempt the job yourself if you are not a trained speaker of the language. Also, please do not post translations from online automated translators as they are notoriously riddled with mistakes. Small mistakes can result in great embarrassment (and in rare cases, the risk of ugly rumors and slander). Don't risk it!

The GV Community Forum is meant to be a fun place, and we welcome all the new GV information that we can get. But just as it's important to limit what you request of others, it's important that you're comfortable with the amount you're giving. Buying magazines, scanning, transcribing TV shows and especially translating all cost time, money, and energy. Know your limitations, and don't be afraid to voice them! We are grateful for your help and understand that your assistance here is a favor, not an obligation. We want everyone to enjoy their visits to the Forum.

What is considered appropriate/inappropriate behavior for the forum?

This is the most important issue addressed in this FAQ, and the reason it was created. To avoid some of the problems which have arisen in the past, we ask that you follow certain guidelines in posting.

1. Please use English when posting to the forum. It is considered rude to post in a language that cannot be read by the majority.

2. Off-topic posts are allowed, because we have no topic. :)

3. Please be respectful of others' opinions, and do not make personal attacks on other posters. If an argument begins, carry it out through e-mail, not on the forum. It’s okay to disagree, as long as the discussion is carried out civilly.

4. Please do not "troll" (deliberately trying to start a fight with someone or posting inflammatory, but uncredited, information.) This occasionally happens on message boards (including this one), and only demonstrates the instigator's immaturity.

5. Bashing of actors and characters is not tolerated. Please remember that there are people who read this forum who are fans of ALL the ER characters and actors.

6. Bashing of Ivana Visnjic will not be tolerated on this forum. As Goran's wife, she is due the same respect that we give Goran himself. Any posts deemed inappropriate will be immediately deleted. If you can't say something nice about Ivana, don't say anything at all. Remember, bashing someone is reason for blocking you from posting.

7. Please do not insult other forums or their posters on this one; if you must take issue with someone, do it there, where he/she can respond to your concerns.

8. SPAM-ing is not tolerated; it will be immediately deleted and a block will be placed on the SPAM-er's ISP. Also, do not encourage Spamers by posting responses, and never, ever click on suspicious links. The Forum Committee will delete Spam as soon as we see it.

9. Please be respectful of the fanfic writers; they are writing to entertain you, and their only rewards come when you tell them you like their story. If you have a problem with fanfic, write the webmistress at:, or e-mail the author directly.

10. Spoilers are fine; just include "Spoilers" in the subject box. "Spoiler Space" is not needed.

11. For clarity, please use only one name on the Forum. That way, people will know who they're talking to. You don't have to use your real name; any nickname will do. It's the consistency that counts. Also realize this: The Forum Committee can tell when one person is using several names simply by checking the ISP of the posters.

12. Please note that Boardhost automatically blocks all swear words.

13. Posts that contain links to other fanfic sites will be deleted. Posting of these kinds of links is considered discourteous to the many contributors to the Lukafic sites.

14. No politics, please. We have people from many countries with many beliefs, and so we leave political discussions to other forums.

Please remember that we are discussing a real person (Goran Visnjic) here, and that he deserves respect. Sometimes actors' agents or representatives read message boards and newsgroups dedicated to their client so don't say anything you wouldn't want getting back to that person. When you post something on the web, it is there (at least temporarily) for all to see.

Posting Links

To add a link to your post, simply put the URL in the box marked “Optional Link URL” PLEASE NOTE that the box already includes http://; be sure to remove “http://” from either the link or the box if you copy-and-paste. Be sure to add an “Optional Link Title” in the marked box. Photos can only be posted to the Forum if they are already on the web. Place the URL to the photo in the “Optional Image URL” box. Again, the ‘http://’ is already there. You can also include links in the body of your post.

Someone's post is really offensive/really bothers me. What can I do?

E-mail the Forum committee. The Committee regularly monitors the board and will delete any obviously offensive posts. But if there is something bothering you, please let us know via private e-mail (NOT by putting a message on the Forum). We will look into the complaint, and let you know, via e-mail, how the situation was handled. All complaints will be kept strictly confidential

Can I be Blocked from Posting to the forum?

Yes. You can be blocked from posting on the forum. Being blocked from the forum is a very serious action, which will ONLY occur, as a last resort, following a review by the Forum Committee.

Reasons for being blocked include:

1. SPAMing (results in instant banning)
2. Trolling (intentionally creating trouble)
3. Name calling/personal attacks
4. Bashing characters or people
5. Inability to follow the Forum guidelines listed above
A block may be appealed by the poster, and at that time The Forum Committee will take into consideration whether reinstatement is warranted or not.

My post disappeared. What happened?

It may have been deleted by the Forum Committee. At other times, you simply need to use the "refresh" key in order to see it. If you have any problems posting, e-mail the Forum committee, and we'll look into it.

I have a question about the Luka Kovac Fanfic Site

To learn more about the Lukafic site, read the FAQ found on that site or e-mail that site's webmistress.

Does Goran ever visit the fourm?

To the best of our knowledge, Goran has never visited the forum. Please do not use the forum to post your messages to him. If you have a message for Goran, Please mail it to:

Attn: [Actor's Name]
c/o Crichton TV
4000 Warner Brothers Blvd.
Production Building #1
Burbank, CA 91505

Send a Post Card only; apparently all other mail will be returned or simply thrown away.

We kindly ask you to think before posting any personal information to the forum. As the forum is a public venue, ANYONE can read what you have posted and possibly use that to harass, stalk, violate your privacy etc. We don’t say this to insult your intelligence or to make you fearful of posting, we say this because we care about our visitors.

And remember, if you ever have any question about how this board is run, please contact the Forum Committee via e-mail at, and we will do our best to address your concerns.

Happy posting!
The Forum Committee