Tina's Rock Block

If you take over a job from a person, who did it with as much passion as the lady did, who made the music column before I took it over, it's always hard to decide where to start. I personally thought, the best idea would be not to try to continue with the same concept, because it would not be the same anyway. I spent one sleepless night and then I decided to do it "my way".
With the upcoming music columns I will present you artists from different countries and different musical genres. Some of them might be stars, some of them are probably only known to a lucky small group of fans, but all of them will have on thing in common: I personally think, that they are interesting and worth a closer look. So I will present you some information about the featured artists, links for further information and my personal thoughts. If you like an artist's music or not is finally a question of taste. It will be impossible to write always about an artists you ALL like, but I hope that I will sooner or later present something interesting for everybody.

For those of you, who probably don't know so much about my CV, I will tell you a bit about my personal, music related background:
After the normal "musical socialisation" nearly every teenager goes through with listening the same charts crap like all the other folks at school did, I for several reasons came in contact with the Blues. My life was pretty difficult that time and I figured out, that I found a lot of myself in this kind of music. One day back in late 1991 I for the first time listened to the music of the US band "The Black Crowes" and I loved their bluesy rock sound like nothing before. One year later (I make it short here!), I saw them live on stage and this was the day, I decided, that music is essential for my life and would be much more than a hobby. I was working for the local daily newspaper around that time (I was still at school) and I started to write about the small but ambitioned music scene in my little, sleepy hometown.
When I was a student at the Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet in Munster, I worked in a record shop to make my money for a living. I did that for so many years and I LOVED it. During this time I also made a two months student job at Rough Trade Records, Germany. To try something different I worked parallel to my studies at an advertising agency from 1998-2000. I guess ... my mom hoped, that I would now give up the silly music thing, but the opposite was the fact. When I had my master degree, I felt like shit, because I was missing the music in my daily work life so much. So I concentrated my job-hunting in music related jobs - and finally I suceeded: Since April 2000 I am working for bol.de as a product manager music! And here I am ...

I won't tell you now more about the music I love personally ... see - I still want to be able to surprise you with the column! I hope, that my passion for the music, the things I learned about it over the years and my personal reflections about my favourite topic will make the column interesting and enjoyable for you.

With love


All Is Dream Mercury Rev

Heather Nova- Bermuda Girl

David Bowie - From Ziggy Stardust to The Thin White Duke