I am a southern American who once lived in London for a couple of years. I now live in New Orleans and am bombarded with so many crazy people in this city that my viewpoints on what's entertaining might be of some interest to those who just can't imagine what an odd life it is. I live in an old New Orleans-style house with 2 dogs and my Navy pilot boyfriend. I also have approximately 37 secret boyfriends, including Goran Visnjic. What drew me to Goran in the first place was my lifelong attraction to dark-moody-broody Eastern European men, something that my boyfriend is the complete opposite of. I am 32 years old and seriously planning to go back to Europe someday to live forever.

My plans for this movie review section is to bring to your attention some interesting, lesser-known films, as well as a couple of major releases now and then. Since Jo and Az gave me free reign on what films I review, be prepared to read about old black and white films, new movies, and non-American, non-Hollywood films. Hope you enjoy!


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The Importance of being Earnest

The Cat's Meow

Shirley Valentine

A Patch of Blue

Breaking Glass

Marvin & Tige

Ghost World

The Deep End