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Welcome to Bibliophiles Pseudonymous, the Global Villageís Book Review column, written by a reader for other readers.  I will be reviewing 1-2 books each month.  Although some will have a connection to Goran, to Croatia, or to ER and medicine, most will not Ė this column will reflect more general interests.  Most of the books I choose will probably not be brand new; I hope to not only introduce you to books you never considered reading before, but also to reactivate interest in books you have read and help you see new things you didnít see the first time round.  I am, you see, a great believer in the joys of re-reading.  Books can be very good friends, and good friends deserve return visits.  So, Iím deliberately not limiting myself to the current Best Sellers Lists.  I will try to review books that are still in print, so if you decide you want your own copy, you can find it with ease.  I plan to visit as many genres as possible, and will try not to repeat authors, although a great many good novelists are writing across genres these days.


Comments are welcome; hopefully we can add a few interesting discussions to the Forum (not that thereís a lack of those!).  Certainly I donít expect that everyone will agree with me about every book.  Thatís one of the first things to remember about reviews of any kind Ė they represent the opinions of the reviewer, and an honest reviewer will admit that other people may see things completely differently.  So, read away Ė and comment about it afterwards!

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